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Quickly and easily extracts pulp-free juice from vegetables, fruits and even herbs, the Waring Juicer is exceptionally efficient, offers a great performance and is highly reliable. It features easy to dismantle, dishwasher safe parts and a wipe clean BPA free casing. Its patented "gryo base" practically eliminates vibration during use whilst its innovative design allows a greater yield in terms of amount of juice extracted from each fruit. Due to its size and design, the Juice Extractor is not suitable for a high volume of juicing. Citrus attachment (DL269 - sold separately) must be used for citrus juicing.

£260 +VAT

Citrus juicer
| Ref #: ed358720d34d
New B Grade Santos K275 citrus juicer. Comes with 2 size attachments.
The Santos Classic Citrus Juicer is easy to operate and clean thanks to its simplistic design and its detachable bowl and cones. Once the machine is operational the user simply presses pre-sliced halves of their chosen citrus fruit onto the extractor cone until their glass is filled with fresh juice.

£160 +VAT

New juicer for sale
| Ref #: ca23004487a2
Zumex orange juice model UMMO 200/ with tank & tap, excellent condition

£995 VAT Free

Zumex Orange Juice Model
| Ref #: eb9629bcf4e7
Heavy duty Robot Coupe J100 Ultra juicer.
7.2 Ltr.
13 Amp electric.
23cmW x 46cmD x 55cmH.

£775 +VAT

Used juicer for sale
| Ref #: ebe63d6ce455
We buy catering equipment
This quiet, heavy duty citrus juicer will juice all types of citrus fruits from lemons to grapefruits with precision and speed.
It features a direct drive motor which juices efficiently at 1800 RPM for fast juicing and a sturdy polycarbonate motor housing with vibration-dampening feet. The juicer has a stainless steel juice collector with large spout which drain quickly for large volume production. It also has a removable reamer and dome which is also dishwasher safe making this machine easy to clean and maintain.

£125 +VAT

Waring 31JC39 Citrus Juicer
| Ref #: f6d079ac32c9
The Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer J80 Ultra is ideal for fast-paced establishments, such as busy cafes or juice bars thanks to its time saving, user-friendly features. These include a unique and innovative design which allows for a high output and removes the need for a pusher. It's powerful, yet quiet commercial motor also provides a continuous, thorough speed whatever the load, making it one of the most popular fruit juicers to date.
Suitable for hard and soft vegetables, citrus fruits and soft fruits
Patented automatic 79mm feed tube for continuous output
Removable stainless steel basket for quick and easy cleaning

£625 +VAT

Robot Coupe Juicer
| Ref #: 3050fb503768
The Santos Type 68 juicer is more powerful, efficient and durable than its predecessors. The centrifugal juicer is one of the best commercial juicers on the market today. Designed for intensive professional use, this juicer produces up to 140 litres of juice per hour and is easy to operate and clean thanks to simple controls, "Ezy-Clean System II", and removable bowl, basket and cover. The 25kg weight, 1.3kW asynchronous motor and metal design all demonstrate the strength and durability of this high quality commercial juicer. In good condition new bearings and blade fitted.

Dimensions: 606(H)x 330(W)x 562(D)mm. spout Height 228mm

£1200 +VAT

Santos Juicer Type 68
| Ref #: 17fc1ef57e92
Santos Type 10 citrus juicer.
13 Amp electric.
Ex demo.
30 Ltr per hour.
20cmW x 30cmD x 38cmH.
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£340 +VAT

Santos Type 10 citrus juicer
| Ref #: 0db1dcea86e0
Zumex Juicer
Approximately 14 oranges per minute
Perfect for cafes, restaurants, bars or supermarkets
Used in excellent condition
Tested and working well
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£2499 +VAT

Automatic Orange Juicer with Cooler
| Ref #: 45897e0ffbf4
Waring Commercial GH455 juicer.
Ex demo.
13 Amp electric.
24cmW x 40cmD x 46cmH.
3 month warranty on all gas and electrical appliances.
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£190 +VAT

Waring Juicer	 (3973)
| Ref #: c4ceb7e8e938

Duronic JE601 Citrus Juicer - London

Price: £19 including VAT
Duronic JE601 Citrus Juicer
30 x Duronic JE601 Citrus Juicer, 85 Watt, Silver
The Duronic JE601 Citrus Juicer is finished off in a stylish silver colour which will make it a fantastic addition to any kitchen.
The JE601 Citrus Juicer features a clever press down On/Off switch, this means it only switched "on" once the fruit is pressed onto the cone, when you remove the fruit the unit switches "off".
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£19 including VAT

Duronic JE601 Citrus Juicer
| Ref #: 540f452bff76

Automatic Orange Press / Juicer - London

Price: £799 £600 +VAT
Automatic Orange Press
Made by Brimato

Perfect working order

Tested and works well

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£799 £600 +VAT

Automatic Orange Press
| Ref #: ba0f8fe612ac
Autonumis NT chilled drinks dispenser.

13 Amp electric.

37cmW x 55cmD x 90cmH.

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£80 +VAT

Chilled Drinks  Dispenser  (3270)
| Ref #: 19423f464171
Open a Frappe Drink Bar!
Thinking about getting into the Frappe drink business - Juice Bar Business?
No costly commercial equipment, refrigeration or freezers needed.
No Start-Up Fees
Minimal Operating Expenses
Down-sized minimal inventory, keeping only the essentials with No Waste or Shrinkage ensure the highest profit margins per serving.
Increase Revenues & Profitability. Bid now and start your own frappe drink with our listing you will get:
Ice maker
5 Syrup Flavor
Frappe Powder
200 takeaway cups with lids

£1500 £500 +VAT

Frappe maker
| Ref #: 0100bbd83195

Warring Heavy-Duty Citrus Juicer - Coventry

Price: £149 ono VAT Free
Waring commercial citrus juicer
Used Warring Heavy-Duty Citrus Juicer. Great Condition, less than one year old.
Normal retail price £250
Quiet, heavy-duty direct-drive motor – 1200 RPM reduces splashing to a minimum and provides strong juice extraction
Stainless steel juice collector with large spout – quickly drains juice through large spout for volume production – easy to clean

£149 ono VAT Free

Waring commercial citrus juicer
| Ref #: 499fab60c494

Zummo Orange Juicer - Bristol

Price: £1800 +VAT
Zummo Orange Juicer
Zummo orange juice maker, model Z14, very good condition

£1800 +VAT

Zummo Orange Juicer
| Ref #: 6de47e04859f

Sold Juice Machine Zumex - London

Price: £500 ono including VAT
Juice Machine Zumex
Closing down. Urgent!

- Good condition
- Regularly serviced
- Open to offers
- Available ASAP

Measurements: H= 58cm, W= 47cm, D= 39CM

£500 ono including VAT

Juice Machine Zumex
| Ref #: 371df63c9968
Jetspray JT20 Cold Beverage Dipenser in excellent condition.

2x 5 gallon bowls

Easy Cleaning and maintenance

68 x 43 x 41cm

£250 ono VAT Free

Cornelius Jetspray JT20 Cold Drinks Dispenser
| Ref #: 1ac37c4f0784
Waring PDM21E milk shake / drink mixer.
13 Amp electric.
New with slight crack on top.
20cmW x 22cmD x 46cmH.
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£120 +VAT

Waring Milk Shake / Drinks Mixer (4208)
| Ref #: c9ec19c0a19e

Sold 2x Blender Vitamix Barboss Advance - Norfolk

Price: £350 ono VAT Free
Vitamix barboss advance blender
Very durable and multi-functional and I'm open for offers.

Each unit includes: 1 Blender + 2 Advance polycarbonate containers with blades/lids (one is 1.4l max capacity and the other one is 0.9l)

Bought in the summer of 2012, only have been used for 1 year to serve juices and smoothies.

Multi functional, ideal for smoothies, milkshakes, coffees, cocktails, soups, powder mix, whisking mousses, etc.

Optimal for applying at Cafe, Juice/Smoothie Bars, Pubs, Restaurants and others.


£350 ono VAT Free

Vitamix barboss advance blender
| Ref #: 41f79dfc3751

Sold Cold Fresh Drinks Machine - London

Price: £1000 +VAT
Cold fresh water or juice dispenser
This commercial cold fresh machine is a HLF model 4600 CD.

Bought brand new for a project that has been cancelled and never been used. It is in perfect working order and makes perfect cold drink at the touch of a button.

The 4600 CD is able to dispense 3 different type of fresh juices and cold water in less than 5 seconds, thanks to an innovative system "air stop" and to a powerful compressor.

The 4600 CD technology allows the implementation of fruit juices with concentration ratio from 1:5 to 1:20.

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£1000 +VAT

Cold fresh water or juice dispenser
| Ref #: 6c8ad9e5b596
Bought a couple of years ago & installed in a health food shop where it was barely used but was kept very clean. It was soon shifted to a stock room and from there, 2 years ago, to my spare room where it's sat ever since. It's in really excellent condition. New these cost £230. A real bargain for someone!

It incorporates a dual-stage juicing process first filtering out juice in the initial crushing phase and then squeezing the remaining pulp in a secondary pressing phase. This increases the yield from expensive produce



SoloStar II Juice Extractor & Professional Milling Juicer
| Ref #: dbbb44e09f84
The Zumex orange juicer is designed for medium volume operations such as cafes, restaurants and juice bars juicing up to 22 oranges per minute.
This compact counter top citrus juicer has a 10kg feeder capacity.
Your customers will love to see the oranges being fed in and juiced.
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£1495 £1250 +VAT

Zumex Versatile D Juicer
| Ref #: 345ea135ee23
Brand New, Never been used, Santos Citrus Juicer. Still in Santos box.
Heavy duty citrus juicer with lever to use everywhere you need a freshly squeezed citrus juice: juice bars, health food stores, hotels, bars, restaurants...Commercial juicer adapted to intensive use thanks to its powerful induction motor and its high output.
Delivered with one squeezer for oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits.
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£300 VAT Free

Santos Evolution 70a  Citrus Juicer
| Ref #: dfb1929a81ff
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