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Fracino Bambino Coffee machine and Mazzer Mini grinder, both hardly used, less than 6 months old. Can be seen working.
The Bambino is the latest addition to the Fracino family and benefits from all the world class skills, innovative design and state of the art production methods from this world-renowned manufacturer.
The Fracino Bambino 1 group automatic coffee machine provides top quality coffee for exceptional value for money.

£990 ono VAT Free

1 group coffee machine for sale
18 months old, very efficient, great looking (looks like a Hammond organ) good condition and well maintained. 2 coffee heads, 2 steam arms, one hot water tap, boiler temperature LED display. The S9 range has a number of benefits including La Spaziale's STEAM heat exchange system to keep the water heat temperature at a more accurate fixed level. Mazzer Luigi coffee grinder included in the price

Available From 23/2/2018

£1500 ono including VAT

Coffee machine for sale
Excellent condition espresso machine from very popular Italian manufacturer.
Fully cleaned and serviced including descaling.
Machine comes with matching coffee grinder and knockout drawer.

£1500 VAT Free

2 group coffee machine for sale
San Remo SR70 coffee grinder in excellent condition.
Less than 12 months old. Excellent Machine. Hardly used. Well looked after and annual service completed 9th January 2018.
The SR70 is a highly efficient professional coffee grinder that is designed to handle large workloads, and contains a continuous micrometric grinding regulator.
Power 350w, Bell housing capacity 1.5kg

£800 VAT Free

San Remo SR70 coffee grinder
| Quantity: 2
This 2 group coffee machine features two steam wands with one hot water tap, two keypads with level control and a built -in coffee grinder. It comes complete with automatic fill and built-in pump and two portafilters. This machine also features ample storage for your cups on top as well as the coffee grinder.
Please note: To ensure that high standards of performance are met all coffee machines will be fully serviced on purchase. Please contact us for more information.

£1195 +VAT

Two Group Coffee Machine and Grinder
This coffee grinder is the perfect fit for your café, coffee shop or other establishment. The hopper of the Mahlkonig coffee grinder features a huge capacity of 1.5kg allowing you to keep up with high demand. It is easy to use due to its electronic short timer and hands free operation, making your operation even more efficient. It is capable of producing 7 grams of ground coffee into a portafilter in just two seconds making it the perfect addition to your café or coffee shop.

£165 +VAT

Mahlköng  K30ES Coffee Grinder
This listing is for a quality reconditioned Mahlkonig on-demand commercial coffee grinder. In my experience this is one of the best grinders I have used. The Mahlkonig grinder consistanty performs and grinds to perfection every-time.
The Mahlkong is on-demand so all you have to do it place your portfilter against the button and the grinder grinds exactly what has been programmed into the portafilter, no messing. On-demand grinders can be a good investment, they are fast and easy to use, but most importantly of all there is much less waste. Use dose is exactly the same allowing you to serve consistantly good coffee.

£500 £395 ono VAT Free

buy coffee grinder
This listing is for a amazing reconditioned cutomised Mazzer Super Jolly commercial coffee grinder. If it is a long lasting strong robust grinder you are looking for then the Mazzer Super Jolly is the grinder for you.
This grinder is in perfect condition. The grinder has been fully recondtioned, had the burrs replaced with new ones, a new doser lense installed and re-painted a gorgeous metallic blue.

£295 VAT Free

Reconditioned mazzer coffee grinder
| Quantity: 2
This top quality automatic coffee grinder is fabricated from die-cast polished aluminium and finished in a sleek silver paint making it a stylish complement to your café or coffee shop.
It features adjustable grinding blades which ensure your coffee is ground to the perfect consistency for your coffee machine.

£150 +VAT

Used coffee grinder for sale
Coffee Machine
Two years old and in perfect operational condition.
-Easy maintenance associated with the latest technology, the solidity of the casing and frame manufactured in metal, ensure the competiveness of the CC100.
- The ergonomic design with a large operating area and the setting tolerances are the main assets to constantly delivers a quality espresso.
- The temperature control by probe, shown on an optional display and adjusted by PID on the thermosiphon system, allows to deliver all coffee specialties with guaranteed thermal stability.
- Silver and black colour

£2400 ono VAT Free

CC100 2 Group Coffee Machine Water Filter Grinder Knockout Rawer Coffee Cups And Lids
Ensure your customers are full of beans with this smart coffee grinder!
This superb coffee grinder with dose counter is capable of grinding up to 10kg of coffee beans per with consistent results each time, no coffee shop is complete without one!

£150 +VAT

Iberital Coffee Grinder (Ref: RHC2551)
Excellent quality commercial coffee grinder used for about a year
Worth far more, low price as we need rid ASAP
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£175 VAT Free

Simonelli Coffee Grinder
New Caterlite CK686 spice grinder.
13 Amp electric.
12cmW x 13cmD x 21cmH.
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£15 +VAT

New Caterlite Spice Grinder	(5267)
Ensure your customers have top quality coffee with this simple to use coffee grinder. It features doser with aluminium body which holds approximately 50 cups of ground coffee. Shot counter indicates the number of pulls made from the grinder and has 64mm burr grinding discs for consistent, quality results.
Brand: Wega
Wattage: 320 Watts
Power: Single Phase

£150 +VAT

Espresso coffee grinder
This is a compact, sturdy coffee grinder with the reliability of a full sized machine making it suitable for any bar, pub or coffee house. The coffee is dispensed into the filter holder by a flick lever mechanism where coffee portions can be controlled. It features adjustable grinding blades.
Brand: Fracino
Wattage: 275 Watts
Power: Single Phase

£125 +VAT

Francino grinder
Used for Display Purposes Only
Custom built high quality Coffee Bean Dispenser
Made in the US
Stainless steel interiors provide a "coffee bean friendly" environment that's stain and pit resistant. Beans move to the back of the bin as they are dispensed, so while the interior appears to be full, the Plexiglas window remains clean and clear.
Brass Played Frame

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£400 +VAT

Brass & Stainless Steel Coffee Bean Hopper / Dispenser
| Quantity: 8
Mazzer Luigi Super Jolly Auto Coffee Grinder
Good condition and in full working order.
Serial Number 1205420
Power Type Electric
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£350 VAT Free

Mazzer Luigi Super Jolly Auto Coffee Grinder
Automatic coffee grinder. Used in our coffee shop and is approximately 5 years old.
The doser handle is quite stiff. It's broken around 3 times since we've had it and each time it's been repaired by our caretaker. We think it's now at the point of requiring a replacement part for this. Otherwise in good working order.
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£180 +VAT

Mazza Superjolly Coffee Grinder
Santos 01 coffee / spice grinder.
Like new.
13 Amp electric
3 month warranty on all gas and electrical appliances.
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£450 +VAT

Santos Coffee Grinder
This was installed in a small park cafe where it was in daily use,the council closed them down due to the building having subsidence.

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£300 +VAT

Mazzer commercial coffee grinder Coffee Espresso For Sale
Cimbali commercial coffee grinder and knock out draw

This was installed in a small park cafe where it was in daily use,the council closed them down due to the building having subsidence .
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£200 +VAT

La Cimbali Commercial Coffee Grinder And knock Out Draw
Ex demo Mazzer Super Jolly Timer coffee grinder.
Ex demo.
13 Amp electric.
1.2 KG hopper.
24cmW x 30cmD x 61cmH.
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£325 +VAT

Ex Demo Mazzer Coffee Grinder	(5265)
Dualit DK844 coffee grinder.
13 Amp electric.
250 Gram hopper.
15cmW x 20cmD x 28cmH.
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£40 +VAT

Dualit Coffee Grinder (4387)
Perfect for commercial use in a cafe / coffee shop
Unit has had only light use, in excellent condition with no damage.

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£180 +VAT

Fracino K6 Commercial Coffee Grinder
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