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New B Grade PMX10 planetary mixer. 13 amp electric. Comes with whisk, paddle and dough hook.
B Grade - New without box, Ex display, May have cosmetic damage

£450 +VAT

New planetary mixer for sale
| Ref #: 6d31279e0bae
Able to easily blend, mix, purée and emulsify up to 100 litres of ingredients, the Dynamic MX91 Master Stick Blender has been designed specifically for reliable consistent, high quality results, essential in establishments such as care homes, nurseries, hospitals and restaurants. With a powerful 9500rpm speed as standard, as well as immensely strong titanium plated blades, the Dynamic is perfect for preparing soups, purée, dressings, sauces, mayonnaise and a huge range of other popular blended foods. The entire motor and shaft assembly is fully enclosed, ensuring durability and stability.

£240 +VAT

Ex demo stick blender for sale
| Ref #: 13cf96089062
A superb value combi pack which includes a powerful Dynamix 160 body alongside two sturdy attachments - one features a high quality emulsifying blade for blending, emulsifying, mixing and puréeing, whilst the whisk tool is perfect for mashing, whisking and whipping. Its high quality design and construction ensure user-friendly use in busy commercial kitchens, such as restaurants, takeaways and hotels. The attachments are very simple to interchange, meaning easy cleaning and hassle-free operation.

£180 +VAT

Ex demo stick blender for sale
| Ref #: 5e3b2c21ad89
With a full commercial warranty and versatile variable speed control, The compact Dynamix MX050 stick blender is a powerful and reliable hand blender from internationally renowned brand Dynamic. Featuring a high quality durable construction and sturdy detachable shaft, the Dynamix can easily blend and aerate up to 4 litres of soup, sauces and dressings. Ideal for use in care homes or hospitals as the consistency of food is easily controlled using the variable speed function, however the versatility of the Dynamix ensures that the stick blender is equally useful for professional restaurants, pubs and mobile caterers.

£70 +VAT

Ex demo stick blender for sale
| Ref #: 6892b65dbc7a
We buy catering equipment
New B Grade Buffalo CD400 mincer. Comes with 2 discs.
The Heavy Duty Buffalo Meat Mincer allows you to safely mince, grind and process a remarkable amount of food quickly. Featuring a stainless steel hopper, precision gear drive and energy efficient motor with a cooling fan, this meat grinder is specifically designed for continuous, professional use.

£260 +VAT

New commercial mincer
| Ref #: 16dc58c2fa7e

Bizerba Fw-N325/2 Mincer on Stand - Basildon, Essex

Price: £1200 £1000 ono VAT Free
Bizerba Fw-N325/2 Commercial Mincer on Stand
This Is A Commercial Heavy Duty Mincer Mounted On A Stand With Wheels For Mobility
The Unit Is In Excellent Condition And Works Perfectly
It Can Process 1100Kg Per Hour And Has A 50 Litre Hopper
I Am Happy To Give Some Warranty With This Machine

£1200 £1000 ono VAT Free

Bizerba Fw-N325/2 Commercial Mincer on Stand
| Ref #: f6c823459b0d

£520 VAT Free

Used commercial kitchen aid for sale
| Ref #: e08f9966b8f4
Reliable, powerful and versatile, the Buffalo kitchen blender provides all the blending capacity and performance needed for making perfect soups, juices, shakes and smoothies. Designed for durability, critical parts of the internal mechanism are made from strong metal components to ensure the blender can withstand constant commercial use. The user friendly variable speed controls allow precise blending, whilst the large 2 litre jug and attractive exterior are easy to clean and robust. A perfect time-saving kitchen blender for the professional kitchen.

£120 +VAT

New Buffalo Blender for sale UK
| Ref #: 0c885583be69
This Electrolux food mixer is an outstanding product. It comes complete with touch-panel controls which help to improve the ergonomics and the reliability against the humidity or water jets.
Additionally this mixer has a transparent safety guard which is easy to remove for cleaning. The mixer also includes a 10 litre capacity bowl, whisk, beater and dough hook making this mixer perfect for all your cooking and baking needs.
Please note: This mixer is in great condition and has seen very little use.

£650 +VAT

Electrolux Mixer
| Ref #: 5fe54d17c17a
A superb quality bar blender, the Waring Torq 2.0 Blender features a high performance 2HP dual speed motor which is able to quickly crush ice and make three perfect 0.4 litre blended drinks in just 8 seconds. Made from robust, long-lasting materials throughout, the jug coupling system is made from strong stainless steel for maximum durability and the stackable jug itself is made from highly resistant BPA free co polyester. The Torq blender also doubles as a kitchen/food blender and can also be used to save time in the preparation of sauces, salsas, dressings and many other dishes. This model has a robust electronic keypad control and timer for maximum precision during the blending process.

£280 +VAT

New Commercial blender for sale UK
| Ref #: c03f744dd9db
The ideal high quality compact commercial bar blender, the Waring NuBlend Bar Blender is able to create fantastic cocktails, smoothies, soups sauces and many others in seconds. With super strong stainless steel blades and a powerful 375W two-speed motor, the Waring NuBlend can crush ice and make short work of other similar hard ingredients. The removable lid cap enables the user to add ingredients during the blending process, whilst the responsive electronic control panel mechanism ensures precise results, every time. Supplied with a high quality stainless steel jug as standard.

£180 +VAT

Ex demo blender for sale
| Ref #: 3d5f29df750e
The perfect compact commercial bar blender, the Waring NuBlend Bar Blender is able to create fantastic cocktails, smoothies, soups, sauces and many others in seconds. With super strong stainless steel blades and a powerful 375W two-speed motor, the Waring NuBlend can crush ice and make short work of other similar hard ingredients. The removable lid cap enables the user to add ingredients during the blending process, whilst the responsive switch control panel mechanism ensures precise results, every time. Supplied with a high quality 1.3 litre polycarbonate jug as standard - ideal for blending smaller quantities.

£180 +VAT

Commercial blender for sale
| Ref #: d652034d8946
The light duty, commercial Waring Food Processor 3.3Ltr is capable of chopping, grinding, mixing and pureeing a large range of foods fast. It features an extra large feed chute for the reduction of prep and manual chopping time whilst the scratch and break-resistant bowl demonstrates high quality and a long service life. Its components are dishwasher-safe whilst the pulse function allows excellent processing control. Its powerful and efficient motor, innovative design and robust construction means this food processor is capable of slicing 272kg of cucumber an hour, shredding 113kg of carrots an hour and grating 20.5kg of cheese an hour.

£210 +VAT

Ex demo food processor
| Ref #: abbe619ef86a
The Kenwood Chef Premier Silver Mixer is trusted within a variety of domestic and professional kitchens to provide excellent service, and a performance worth relying on. Available with a wide range of features, including its three-coated mixing tools and automatic speed controls with pulse, this planetary Kenwood cake mixer ensures that rhythmic speed and continuous power is maintained to produce the perfect dough or batter. Exceptionally versatile, the Kenwood chef kneads, mixes and even whisks with ease, and includes a removable splash guard and a hinged pouring spout. Ideal for home use.

£190 +VAT

Ex demo table top mixer for sale
| Ref #: 1819c2050d6b
The perfect home kitchen blender, the Dualit VortecS Blender is stylish, powerful and exceptionally versatile. With its powerful 1000W motor, innovative 6 prong blade design and user friendly control panel, making healthy smoothies and fruit blends is simple, fast and mess-free. The VortecS can also easily crush ice in seconds and, thanks to the robust shatterproof 2 litre jug, is also perfect for cocktails and soups, as well as removing lumps from gravy, custard and other sauces.

£70 +VAT

Ex demo kitchen blander
| Ref #: e167387519bd
New B Grade Kitchen Aid J400 Classic 5K45SS table top mixer.
With its robust, stable and durable full-metal design, this KitchenAid Mixer is the perfect tool for any chef's culinary and baking needs. The 10 speed power control allows for fast yet thorough mixing, whilst its direct drive motor ensures a quiet, reliable and durable performance. The useful tilt-up head mechanism allows for versatility when producing a variety of batch sizes, whilst the general design makes light work of cleaning. Already supplied with a 4 litre stainless steel bowl, flat beater, dough hook and wire whisk, the power hub is also compatible with a range of other optional attachments, including juicers, food grinders, slicers and pasta makers.

£210 +VAT

Commercial mixer for sale uk
| Ref #: f54d6e44f07e
Excellent Condition, recently serviced.
Bought, but not needed for our business.
Used once fantastic machine, excellent build quality and really quiet when in use.

£2950 VAT Free

Used meat cutting bandsaw
| Ref #: 55cf1cde72b6

Sold Crypto Peerless RC11 Chipper - Midlands

Price: £450 ono VAT Free
Used potato peeler for sale
Reconditioned new bearings, seals, blades, cable and plug.
The RC11 can cut a 25 kg bag of potatoes in less than a minute and cuts to the 14mm sized chip. Add different cutting blocks for different sizes.

£450 ono VAT Free

Used potato peeler for sale
| Ref #: 2f1cc17337b3

XFM30 Dough Mixer - West London

Price: £595 +VAT
Used commercial mixer for sale
In good condition cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers, while the machine is mixing the bowl revolves simultaneously. Equipped with safety guard. On castors, bowl Volume 30 Liter, 1.1KW, Net weight 110KG,

£595 +VAT

Used commercial mixer for sale
| Ref #: 75f2ff9027cb
A high-performance refrigerated preparation counter, the SU10CT combines 252 litres of internal storage with counter top cut-out wells capable of holding four 1/1 GN pans. The easy to clean polypropylene worktop has an overhang of 100mm allow the SU10CT refrigerated salad counter to maximise the working area.

£1571 +VAT

New prep counter for sale london
| Ref #: 3fd5196f7b9d
An aprox 60 litre size planetary mixer in first class condition, only for sale due to a change in production methods.
This is a 2014 machine complete with all attachments in photo and to include the optional ( and expensive!) bowl scraper.
electrical requirements are 3 phase plus neutral.
This is the manual bowl lift version.
Space is needed so £2,500 + VAT or vno is the asking price.

£2500 +VAT ono

Commercial mixer for sale uk
| Ref #: d2db6928246e
Hobart E6128
Potato Peeler/Rumbler Electric

£1000 +VAT ono

Commercial potato peeler for sale
| Ref #: e48780441e55
Hobart E6128 potato peeler/ rumbler.
Holds 13 KG / 28 lb

£1000 +VAT ono

Used Electric Potato Peeler Rumbler for sale
| Ref #: cc2b6075c4a9

Hamilton Beach Tango Blender - Fulham, London SW6

Price: £195 £150 including VAT
Hamilton Beach Tango Blender
2 years old, low usage & in perfect working order, polycarbonate jug slightly cloudy.
Controls: 2 Speed / Timer / Pulse
230V Specifications: 220V-240V~, 50-60 Hz, 600W
Motor: 1 Hp
Weight: 11.2 lbs

£195 £150 including VAT

Hamilton Beach Tango Blender
| Ref #: 1cf47be5f93b

Rowlett Rutland Slicer - Fulham, London SW6

Price: £295 £245 including VAT
Rowlett Rutland Slicer
Rowlett Rutland Slicer
Less than 2 years old / very light usage
Equipped with built-in blade sharpener, theses slicers are smaller and lighter than the "SR" models but, with their slightly less powerful motors, are ideal as second or third units in busy operations.
Stain resistant anodised aluminium finish
Compact one piece base structure
Easy and quick to clean

£295 £245 including VAT

Rowlett Rutland Slicer
| Ref #: d36d8bceff91
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