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This is a new drink and juice dispenser runs on single phase power, 500 watt spray and 350 watts stirring, capacity 18 litres per tank, temperature range 7-12c, Stainless steel Body.

£495 £450 +VAT

New 18L-3 Cold drink and Juice Dispenser
| £495 £450 +VAT
An unlimited supply of cold, fresh and pure water for offices, workshops, canteens, hospitals, schools, stadiums, leisure parks and other public places. Directly connected to the main water supply, these drinking fountains provide a constant supply of chilled water at +8 +10°C With an output of 80 litres per hour, these water coolers are particularly well-suited for use in canteens, self-service restaurants, etc., or filling up water jugs.

£299 +VAT

Drinking fountain for sale
| £299 +VAT
This free-standing water dispenser delivers a constant supply of high quality chilled drinking water at the touch of a button and can provide 100 cups of water per hour.

£125 +VAT

Water Logic 2 Litre Water Dispenser
| £125 +VAT
Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice and Water Push Button Dispenser DCM-120KE
From industry leading brand Hoshizaki, the DCM-120KE ice dispenser is the perfect solution for self-service restaurants and canteens which require simple, efficient and reliable ice and water dispensing. Incredibly easy to use, the Hoshizaki ice dispenser features simple push-button dispensing, whilst still retaining easily controllable portion control - saving both water and energy

£1995 +VAT

Ice and water dispenser for sale
| £1995 +VAT
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Provide your customers with perfectly chilled soft drinks with this compact drinks dispenser. It has a clear easily removable polycarbonate bowl with litre indication strikers to aid accurate beverage quantity and features a paddle system which avoids froth and beverage oxidation.

£350 +VAT

Used cold drinks dispenser
| £350 +VAT
This Waterlogic dispenser improves the water quality for your customers. The filtration technology takes water contaminants out of the water by the use of reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration. The direct chill technology cools the water to the perfect drinking temperature. Contact us for more info.

£150 +VAT

Used water dispenser
| Quantity: 2 | £150 +VAT per unit
This efficient water dispenser is sturdy and easy to manage and maintain. It is plumbed directly to the mains water supply so there is no risk of running out of cool drinking water.
It produces 22 litres of chilled water per hour and features two push buttons for temperature and cold water.

£95 +VAT

Aquality UV AQUALITY A-C Water Dispenser (Ref: RHC2486) - Warrington, Cheshire
| £95 +VAT
Foster DWC22 chilled water fountain dispenser.
13 Amp electric.
33cmW x 33cmD x 97cmH.
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£350 +VAT

Foster Chilled Water Fountain Dispenser
| £350 +VAT
Chilled water fountain dispenser.
13 Amp electric.
33cmW x 33cmD x 97cmH.
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£325 +VAT

Chilled Water Fountain Dispenser
| £325 +VAT
New hot and cold water dispenser.
Hot 5 litres per hour at 80 degrees centigrade
Cold water 5 litres per hour at 5 degrees centigrade.
Has full set of filters.
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£260 +VAT

New hot and cold water dispenser
| £260 +VAT
Convenient and cost-efficient, the CH1000 gives the flexibility of filtered hot and chilled water on tap. Compact and reliable with easy to use non-drip taps to provide over 60 cups per hour of chilled water below 11°C (depending on ambient room temperature) and hot water at a constant 98°C.
Constant hot water at 97°C
Saves the cost, storage and transport of bottled water
In-line filter for fresh, clean-tasting water
Easy to use non-drip taps
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£675 +VAT

Water boiler / water chiller
| £675 +VAT

Lincat Filter Flow & Water Boiler - Hackney

Price: £200 including VAT
Beverage water boiler
Great working order

Bought in job lot and not needed

£200 including VAT

Beverage water boiler
| £200 including VAT
Oasis “pure-on-demand” Point-Of-Use (POU) Water Coolers offer the highest qualify filtered water, hot or cold, 24 hours a day, and eliminate the hassle of storing and changing heavy bottles, or the waste of throwing away millions of disposable plastic bottles.
These units are easily connected directly to our existing water lines. Many come with the environmentally friendly Oasis Green Filter® system, which will insure you always enjoy pure, clean, and great tasting refreshment.
* Soft Touch buttons with indicator light
* Removable front panel for easy access to the filters

£225 £150 +VAT

Oasis Kalix Water Cooler/filter
| £225 £150 +VAT
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