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Flat-pack panel build, sturdy walk in fridge with internal compressor unit.
Includes internal lighting, as well as internal and external safety locks.
Supplied as flat pack, this unit needs to be assembled on delivery.

Internal Measurements: Height: 2220mm / Width: 1845mm / Depth: 3650mm

Height: 2300mm / 91 Inches, Width: 2000mm / 79 Inches, Depth: 3810mm / 151 Inches

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3.8m Walk in Fridge
This was installed in a office complex kitchen where it was in daily use until we carefully dismantled it.

Two rooms - first 4.4 meters - second 2.8 meters

Two compressors and blowers, floor etc.

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Fosters walk in fridge freezer cold room
VAT:To be added
We are seeking offers on these 7 walk in fridges.

Walk in fridges that are available :-
  • No 1. 2.0m x 3.7m
  • No.2. 3.6m x 4.9m
  • No.3. 8.0m x 2.9m
  • No.4. 2.65m x 2.65m
  • No.5. 5.3 x 2.7m
  • No.6. 6.0m x 4.5m x 2no

Walk in fridge

This was installed in a small cafe where it was in use before we had chance to remove it some one took the compressor and condenser as you can see the door and curtains are still there, there are a few marks, alloy roof and floor.

165 cm long x 165 cm wide x 230 cm high

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Williams walk in cold room fridge or freezer
1200 x 1800 x 2000mm

Fully Refurbished

Supplied With 3 Month Parts Warranty

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Porka Coldroom
Refurbished Walk In Cold Rooms

Various Sizes Available

Bespoke Room Made To Measure

Fully Refurbished

Supplied With 6 Month Parts Warranty

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From £800

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Refurbished Walk In Chiller and Freezer Rooms
Flat-pack panel build, sturdy walk in fridge with external compressor unit.
Includes shelving racks on three walls, as well as internal and external safety locks.
Supplied as flat pack, this unit needs to be assembled on delivery.

Internal dimensions: H1840mm x W1660mm x D1660mm

Height: 1995mm / 79 Inches
Width: 1760mm / 70 Inches
Depth: 1760mm / 70 Inches

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This item is now sold
Flat pack walk in fridge
VAT:To be added
This is a 10' x 10' box split into 2 rooms to provide a fridge (5' x 10' approx.) and a freezer (slight smaller internally due to wider insulation panels.

Both units come complete, except:
  • We don't have keys for either and the freezer door is locked open.
  • Both have chequer plate alloy floors but require insulation underneath for the units to sit on.
The fridge and freezer were working and in use last November when we dismantled them (the restaurant was closing down for redevelopment) . They will need re-gassing and commissioning as the chiller units were remote from the cold-rooms and ran cold air via copper piping.

Everything that came out we still have although at the least you will need to replace the copper piping

I cannot offer any guarantee its sold as seen, (I don't know anything about commercial refrigeration), your welcome to view
walk in Fridge and freezer unit
Cold-room For General Storage:
  • Cold-room 3m deep x 2.4 wide x 2m high, Floorless
  • 700mm x 1800mm Clear Door Opening
  • Hinged Door with Key lock And Emergency Release
  • Internal Lighting
  • Straddle Unit 0/+8 - Single Phase
  • Digital Control
  • Automatic Defrost
  • U Shape 4 Tier Wired Shelving on 3 sides
  • Single phase 240V run off a 3 pin plug
  • Purchased 02/11/2012
The item for sale is a walk in cold room measuring 3m deep x 2.4 wide x 2m high.

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commercial cold room
Price:£989.00 ono
2 and half metre by 2 metre cold room working condition

Dismantled ready for collection.
Cold Room - North West London
Storer walk in freezer cabinet

Hi Tech chiller unit LU-VE Contadoro to minus 18 degrees

Dimensions 1250mm D x 1600mm W x 2300mm H

Approx 6 years old

In good working order, Serviced annually.

Open to sensible offers
This item is now sold
Walk in freezer unit
Cold room condenser and fan unit with isolator and control box

Model BME134-27

Check on line with cool centre or pic below for full spec.

Good working order.
Cold room condenser unit fan and compressor
Sizes: d1400mm, w 1600mm, h 2060mm external dimensions not including monoblock freezer unit.

This freezer is in very clean condition.

It has been professionally maintained and serviced.

It is only 6 years old.

It is in perfect working order.

It has 8.4 meters of clean shelved storage (included in the price).
This item is now sold
It was fabulous sold in no time at all, and I have had more calls with people looking to buy it!

Thank you very much.
Valera monoblock freezer room
VAT:To be added
2.4m x 2.4m and 3.1m x 3.6m

Remainder of manufacturers warranty on motor (6 months)

Easily Assembled, used once
Walk in Cold Room
VAT:To be added
Walk-in freezer with floor for sale, hardly used for 5 months
Virtually new
Runs on 16 amp socket
Right-hand hinges door, electronic display.
Dimensions: Width 1770mm x Depth 1770mm x Height 2000mm

Price £2,000 for a quick sale
Walk-in freezer with floor for sale
VAT:To be added
External measurements 175cm square 200cm high internal measurements 157cm square 185cm high

New Price £3915.00

Will sell for £1850

Will dismantle
Williams Walk in Fridge
Internal dimensions (approx.):
Fridge - 235cm(l) x 180cm(w) x 230cm(h)
Freezer - 235cm(l) x 135cm(w) x 220cm(h)

External dimensions (approx.): 250cm(l) x 350cm(w) x 250cm(h)

1st is 178cm long
2nd is 'L' shaped and 155 x 98 cm in length
3rd is 210cm long
This item is now sold
Good news - have manged to sell the walk in fridges/freezers.

Thanks for your help in doing this! You obviously get the right people looking at the site.
Walk-in Fridge/Freezer (2yrs old - fitted Feb 2008)
Price:£950.00 ono
Twin cooler, ideal for a cellar or a cold store in perfect condition hardly used

Twin Cooler Flatline Roller
Truck for sale
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