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150pc left
Narrow Rim
List Price £7.92
Offer £3.95 + VAT

£3.95 +VAT

150 x New 12.1/2" Oval Damask Dudson Seconds
| Quantity: 150
Narrow Rim
List Price £7.92
150pc left

£2.95 +VAT

150 x New Dudson 11.1/4" Oval Plates Seconds
| Quantity: 150

Dudson Flair Crockery - London

Price: £1 +VAT ono
Dudson Flair Crockery
New stock take from 07/06/16
Hand selected seconds crockery
See the net price on Limited Special Offers
This is not a discounted range this is an ongoing pattern

£1 +VAT ono

Dudson Flair Crockery
| Quantity: 100
Brand new, Not used , Hand selected seconds
Good heavy duty catering Crockery DUDSON been making Crockery since from 1800
Microwave safe , Oven proof , Dishwasher safe
Great design
Prices from £1.40
Discount 60% to selected items

£1.40 +VAT

Dudson Restaurant crockery
Eclipse dudson seconds crockery with slight embossed edge
In stock, warehouse clearance
  • 750 pc x 6.1/4" round side plate £0.50 each
  • 1000pc x 9" plate round £1.00 each
  • 200pc x 10.1/4" plate round £1.50 each
  • 100pc x 10.1/2" plate round £1.50
  • 1200pc x 10.1/2" soup plate £2.00
These are not used, all new crockery dudson seconds

£0.50 +VAT

New Eclipse dudson seconds crockery with slight embossed edge

Dudson Oval Plate - London

Price: £2.75 +VAT
Dudson Oval Plate
Over stocked 2000PC
Seconds, new
Code 420A
2000 X 26.5CM BY 20.5CM Oval Plate
Factory List Price £7.47 - Web Offer £2.75 each
Min Order 100PC

£2.75 +VAT

Dudson Oval Plate
| Quantity: 2000
Classic wide rim
List price £9.87
150pc left!!
Offer £3.95 + VAT

£3.95 +VAT

150 x New 12"Oval Dudson Plates Seconds
| Quantity: 150

Sold Augusta Dudson (New) Best Crockery - London

Price: £547.50 +VAT
Augusta Dudson (New) Best Crockery
New - Warehouse clearance, some are boxed some are loose
Classic body with 2 green lines
  • 96 x 12.1/2" round plate
  • 12 x 11.2/8" round pasta plate
  • 12 x 11" oval plate
  • 72 x 5.3/4" side plate
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£547.50 +VAT

Augusta Dudson (New) Best Crockery
This crockery is a mixture of mainly new and used occasionally.
Design has a flower with a gold rim on a white background.
A lovely design which was a popular feature of the Dudson collections.
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£400 £200 VAT Free

Whole set Individual
  • New not used
  • Size 10.1/4" by 5"
  • List Price £4.95
Price £3.75 +VAT

Min Order 100pc - Approx stock 450pc

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£3.75 +VAT

New Boxed Starter Plate or Dessert Plate
| Quantity: 450