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We have 6, 10 and 20 grid available of this model. 20 ovens in stock.
Item description:
  • Make: Hobart
  • Model: CSMH (2010)
  • Type: 20 Grid Electric Combi Oven
These ovens were removed from a well-known high street takeaway and have been well looked after and regularly serviced.

£2800 +VAT

2010 Hobart CSMH 20 Grid Combi Oven
| Ref #: 84b97c096daf

£450 +VAT

Parry 6 Burner
| Ref #: 0dbf20d52f6e
These are 9 months old, fully working excellent condition. They just are not being used to their full potential and as a restaurant we are now offering unlimited buffet so most customers go for refills not teas/coffees.
  • Iberital Ladri 2 group - Green
  • Fully automatic 2 group espresso machine
  • Can make upto 240 cappuccinos or 380 espressos per hour
  • Dimensions: 783mm (w) 568mm (d) 455mm (h)
The NEW Iberital Ladri 2 group fully automatic. This high quality coffee machine features two steam arms, programmable dosing buttons to suit your cup size, stainless steel construction and a hot water outlet.

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£2999.99 £2700 +VAT

Iberital New Ladri 2 Group Fully Automatic Coffee Machine For Sale
| Ref #: a893c71449ec
800 Watt 23 Litre Light Duty Microwave. If you're looking for a versatile microwave, this model is ideal due to its generous capacity and wide range of cooking options. As well as standard cooking settings, this 23 litre microwave also features defrost and express cooking settings, to give maximum flexibility in the kitchen. It also features an easy to clean painted steel interior, which is ideal for everyday use, and digital touch controls for timing your dishes to precision.
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£75 +VAT

800w Light Duty Microwave
| Ref #: 6a0cdd968a00

Heated Display Unit Bain Marie - Wiltshire

Price: £200 ono VAT Free
Heated Display Unit Bain Marie
Corsair heated display unit with two tray bain marie, twin heat lamps at the top and element at the bottom, both trays, lids and two spare bulbs included, black curly electric cable.
Not many of these around, full working order and will be tested before collection.
Sizes 55cm tall, 70cm square

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£200 ono VAT Free

Heated Display Unit Bain Marie
| Ref #: ae6577c6651c
Large heated lights/ gantry/ pass.
Single phase electric.
Triple bay. 2 Tier lights. 2 x Heated bays.
1 x Ambient bay. Ideal for theatre kitchen.
Would cost thousands new.
500cmW x 40cmD x 97cmH.

£1800 +VAT

Used Heated pass for sale
| Ref #: e736431d5cec
Stainless steel Moffat single sink.
Single bowl with left or right drainer.
Shelf. Adjustable feet.
180cmW x 80cmD x 89cmH.

£350 +VAT

Stainless Steel Moffat Single Sink
| Ref #: 6de54fb32f2d

Cutlery Polisher - Devon

Price: £1599 VAT Free
Cutlery Polisher - Devon
Frucosol SH-3000.
Good condition has had little use.
Good labour saving piece of equipment.
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£1599 VAT Free

Cutlery Polisher - Devon
| Ref #: a6dae04717b6
This is an excellent oven for any pub, cafe, restaurant or sandwich outlet. It offers so much such as a Menu Key Option , 2/3 Gastronorm cavity for large multi-portion dishes, microwave combination mode reduces cooking times by up to 5 times, easy to clean digital touch pad control, fully programmable (up to 10 programs) including multi-stage programming (up to 3 stages per program), quick pre-heat and 4 microwave power levels allow the most delicate products to be cooked (e.g. frozen baguettes)

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£2500 +VAT

EC501 Merrychef Turbo oven
| Ref #: ee5a407e2f47
This fryer is new, never used and still in the box, not required any more, you wont find cheaper
6 Litre tank capacity using less oil
Front-positioned thermostatic control with 3kW of power
Safety thermostat prevents overheating
Wide temperature range from 30 to 190 degrees centigrade for flexible cooking
Hinged element for easy cleaning, with safety cut out
Front-positioned drainage tap for easy removal of old oil
Includes wire basket, drain-pipe and element lifting tool

Reduced to £225

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£250 £225 VAT Free

Electric fryer
| Ref #: 6ffdce6d5854

£300 +VAT

Bakers Pride Pizza Oven
| Ref #: 093c244a16f9
Part of the revolutionary new Evolution range of Valentine fryers, the Evo 2200P fryer has been designed to save time and energy, as well as reducing overall oil costs. With two separate tanks and baskets, you can cook fish, chips, doughnuts and more separately to prevent cross-contamination, or just use a single tank during quieter hours to save energy. As with all Valentine fryers made since 1953, its design and build are of the highest quality.
This Valentine Evo 2200P Electric Fryer is the ultimate solution for any catering establishment such as restaurants, delis, cafes, canteens, hotels and much more.
We can offer a 3 month warranty
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£1875 +VAT

Valentine EVO2200P 3ph Electric Fryer with Pumped Filtration
| Ref #: 50779bfa0974
Used Hobart AE200 20 quart planetary mixer. 13 amp electric. Comes with 3 attachments, whisk, dough hook and paddle.
Used - May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.

£750 +VAT

mixer for sale
| Ref #: c24e20d716aa
Boxed in 24

£29.95 case

Approx. £1.25 each selling boxed

Min order 5 case Plus delivery charge out of the M25

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£29.95 +VAT

6 Hour Chaffing Fuel
| Ref #: 98189ab2effb
This is a very good condition Gas Grill/Salamander.
It comes with wall mounting support bracket and floor fixing support stand to completely immobilise the equipment and give it 100% support.
The grill has come out of a well maintained restaurant, unfortunately in a bankrupt hotel.

£350 £300 ono VAT Free

Falcon Eye-Level Gas Grill / Salamander
| Ref #: fbe3c70ae8da

Sold Selection of Gastronorm Pots & Lids - Bath

Price: £100 ono VAT Free
Vogue Gastronorm Stainless Steel Pots and Lids
Vogue Gastronorm Stainless Steel Pots:
  • 2x 2/3 square tubs – 200ml deep
  • 2 x 1/3 rectangle tubs – 200ml deep
  • 4x 1/4 Rectangle tubs – 200ml deep
  • 2x 1/6 square tubs – 200ml deep
  • 5x 1/9 small pots – 100ml deep

£100 ono VAT Free

Vogue Gastronorm Stainless Steel Pots and Lids
| Ref #: f4ad529b7b00

£450 +VAT ono

Single well Double Basket Falcon Gas Fryers, Choice Of Three for sale
| Ref #: fa34dd92a3d0
Height 9cm

Single frosted plastic turntable

Diam 79cm

Base diam 50cm

3 section hole for curry bowls etc

Price £165 +VAT

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£165 +VAT

Lazy Susan Turntable & Base (79cm diam) for Sale - London
| Ref #: 0f54ab799cb0
Excellent condition, single phase, powerful passthrough dishwasher from popular manufacturer, made in the UK.
Model: Hydro 857
Power: Currently configured to 6.8kW (30A) single phase electric but can be configured to 3 phase (13A)
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£995 VAT Free

Classeq Passthrough Dishwasher, Single Phase Electric
| Ref #: ad657a1cc5c5
Make: Rational
Model: SCC 201
Type: 20 Grid Combi Oven with roll-in trolley
Power Supply: Natural Gas or 3 phase electric (we have both)
Market list price: +£14,000
OUR PRICE: £5300 + VAT (£6360)

£5300 +VAT

Rational SCC 20 Grid Combi Oven
| Ref #: 007ec34b266d
480 x 530 x 830mm

Brand New Limited Stock!

Supplied With 6 Month Parts Warranty

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£400 including VAT

AHT Pepsi Branded Display Chiller With Twin Access
| Ref #: 52acf974c742
Set of 12 knives:-
G-2, G-5, G-9, G-10, G-21, G-29, GS-3, G-17, GS-37, GS-38, GF-27, GSF-15
All knives are unused and in new condition except the G-29 and G-5, which both are still unused, but have minor staining on the blade, as can be seen in photo's 7 and 8.
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£600 VAT Free

Global chef's knife
| Ref #: 70f76336e49f
Stainless steel single bowl dishwasher sink.
Shelf. On castors.
Waste hole.

£150 +VAT

Single bowl dishwasher sink for sale
| Ref #: 450186e7f59e

Charvet Gas Fryer - London

Price: £300 +VAT
Charvet gas fryer
Charvet gas fryer Model pro800-1/261fr16hr
13amp plug in, Electronically start, Digital display, Inc drain tank and valve valve
Sold as spares or repair
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£300 +VAT

Charvet gas fryer
| Ref #: 13dcc6bfb27d
SHORT FORM SPECIFICATIONS Provide Blodgett half-size convection oven model CTB/CTBR (single. double) compartment.

Each compartment shall have (porcelainized/stainless) steel liner and shall accept five 13" x I8", standard half-size bake pans.

Doors shall be (dual pane thermal glass/window/solid stainless steel door) with single chrome plated door handle.

Stainless steel front, top, sides and legs.

Unit shall be electrically heated with two or three tabular heaters dependent on wattage (5 or 7.5 kW) selection.

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£1190 £750 +VAT

Reconditioned Blodgett CTB1 Oven
| Ref #: 34beabcd1d26
Excellent condition

Thermal, comes with wet cover and 12 till rolls

Fully programmable, easy to use

£250 £200 VAT Free

Sam4s ER420m electronic cash register
| Ref #: 64aec554eb2e

Sold 11ft Fridge Freezer Trailer - Bath

Price: £4000 +VAT ono
11ft Commercial Fridge Freezer Trailer
Originally just a freezer but I have added a panel to make it 30/70 freezer fridge

We have used this for our event catering and shows etc runs on a 13 amp plug

£4000 +VAT ono

11ft Commercial Fridge Freezer Trailer
| Ref #: 2a4da8da03e1
Designed for effective operation in 43°C high ambient environments, the robust energy conscious HJ2-SA has successfully proven itself to withstand the rigours of day-to-day operation in the most stressful of kitchens.
Product features

£1332.66 +VAT

Williams cabinet upright fridge
| Ref #: e6062cac319a
Parry 7 pot ubm Bain Marie wet well
Good clean condition
Automatic fill
Plug top
Does not come with bench

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£450 including VAT

Bench top bain Marie
| Ref #: 95e669d7bcb4
Stainless steel double sink.
Double bowl with left drainer.
Shelf. Adjustable feet.
142cmW x 73cmD x 89cmH.
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£375 +VAT

Stainless Steel Double Sink
| Ref #: 506840929d43

Blast Room Refrigeration Equipment - Southampton

Price: £26440 including VAT
Blast room for sale
We have for sale a Blast room freezer and two chiller units, plus 4 sliding cold-room doors c/w track.
2x Copeland 40hp Type ULC-W99-6D44L Condensing units
2x Copeland 7.5hp Type D2DL3-75X-AWM/D condensing units
1x pedestrian door

£26440 including VAT

Blast room for sale
| Ref #: 0f58a3908b71
Stainless Steel in fabulous condition
Fitted with variator pump
New, cost in excess of £2700
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£1000 £600 +VAT

Sanomat Euro-plus S Creamer
| Ref #: 32a9983b841a
Lincat GBM2 heated trolley/hot cupboard.
Double Gastro wet bain marie.
2 Shelves.
Heated cabinet.
13 Amp electric.
84cmW x 65cmD x 90cmH.

£475 +VAT

Lincat Heated Trolley/ Hot Cupboard (5479)
| Ref #: d115cd7598f1

Potato Oven + 2 x Dry Ban Marie - Rotherham

Price: £200 including VAT
Potato Oven + 2 x Dry Ban Marie

£200 including VAT

Potato Oven + 2 x Dry Ban Marie
| Ref #: ea07cd9d19cf
Stainless steel table.
Adjustable feet.
Slightly bowed top.
180cmW x 70cmD x 90cmH.

£140 +VAT

Stainless Steel Table (5327)
| Ref #: 0884a566980c
Electronic Platform scales
Up to 3kg new price £50 + vat (only 3 months old)
Up to 15kg new price £84 + vat (only 3 months old)
Open to offers
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Electronic Platform scales
| Ref #: 5bf581ca787d

£80 +VAT

Stainless Steel Stand (5032)
| Ref #: ea9c11f095a5
Great piece of equipment just come into to us because our customer had great success with the carvery they have got a much bigger one.
Made by Victor. Holds 3 full size gastronorm containers / meat spikes or whichever configuration you require.
Very very clean and in excellent working order.
On wheels, Runs on normal 13 amp plug, Costs thousands brand new.
Mega easy to earn your money back on these units ie 120 dinners @ £7.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!
This unit has been tried tested and is ready for immediate delivery.
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£1250 VAT Free

Carvery / Bain Marie / Hot Cupboard / Heated Gantry
| Ref #: 8e5eeb555da9

9 Burner Indian Oven - London

Price: £1500 VAT Free
Indian 9 burner oven
In very good condition

Retail £2800

£1500 VAT Free

Indian 9 burner oven
| Ref #: 70c77bc7cccc
10x racks

All stainless steel

Very nice condition

The dimensions : w 1000x930d1500h

It has been cleaned, serviced and tested by our gas safe engineer

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£960 including VAT

Falcon convection oven
| Ref #: 7e89836d6a14
New products at trade prices
910 x 700 x 850mm
Brand New
Supplied With 6 Month Parts Warranty

£450 £450 including VAT

CPP200G 2 Door Granite Top Pizza Prep Chiller
| Ref #: 549438de6eec
Stainless steel low table/ stand.
Shelf. Adjustable feet.
55cmW x 55cmD x 50cmH.

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£80 +VAT

Low stainless steel table
| Ref #: efd78ce6f7ae

£100 +VAT

Gantry Shelf
| Ref #: 95b03fad74ec
This fridge has been fully tested by our engineers and is in full running order, The two-door BC2 Bottle Cooler will enhance backbar design with its good looks and bright display. Designed to hold up to 182 (330ml) bottles The refrigeration system maintains temperature (adjustable between 4°C and 10°C) to ensure drinks are always cool when served Single phase power supply.
Dimensions: Height 903mm x Width 900mm x Depth 530mm

£450 +VAT

Williams BC2SS Undercounter Bottle Cooler
| Ref #: 843ed7cf3ab6
Achieve outstanding warewashing results with this top performing Winterhalter pass through dishwasher. It features a smart hygienic fully insulated interior and automatic self-cleaning program which keeps maintenance to a minimum.
This smart pass-through dishwasher has a 1-4 minute wash cycle and 2.4L water consumption per cycle. This is a superb machine and is perfect for the busiest of restaurants and food service locations.
Brand: WinterHalter
Model: GS 502
Power: Three Phase
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£2250 +VAT

Winterhalter Pass-through Dishwasher (Ref: RHC1828) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 3054415f798a
Garland 10 Ring Gas Hob
Previously installed. in a office complex kitchen in daily use
Dimensions: 173 x 90 x 86 cm

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£830 +VAT

Garland 10 Ring Commercial Gas Cooker- West Sussex
| Ref #: 971572f9dc45
Autonumis Sliding Double Door Bar Fridge
Not working - Sold for parts, or maybe to repair (unsure)
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£55 VAT Free

Autonumis Bar Fridge - for parts
| Ref #: 1362a8d5e9ea

Vintage Crockery Bulk - Guildford, Surrey.

Price: £3650 ono including VAT
Vintage Crockery Teacups And Saucers
We have a large range of; Vintage Tea Cups & Saucers, Cake Stands, Vintage Terrines, Milk & Cream Jugs, Glassware, Tea Pots, Vintage Platters. Job lot or part sale is possible but nothing less than 150 sets.

Full list of items and unit price is available and pictures on a wider scale.
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£3650 ono including VAT

Vintage Crockery Teacups And Saucers
| Ref #: df9e1c003e79
Chocolate fountain with surround.
13 Amp electric. Large fountain.
Colour changing display.
Missing top cover. Used for weddings for a couple of years.
This piece has made us lots of money with events etc. Over £4000 new.
120cmW x 120cmD x 110cmH.

£700 +VAT

Chocolate Fountain With Surround
| Ref #: 3ddd08cde56d