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The Italcrem Semi-Automatic Nera 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine is designed for use in a busy catering establishment. Built solidly using only the finest materials it gives an impressive, professional look. All working surfaces are made of top quality stainless steel and finished to a high standard. Finished with blue side panels.
Switches on the front of the machine are used to manually time the espresso shot, giving total control.

£795 +VAT

Italcrem Nera Semi-Automatic 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine for sale
| Ref #: 1c9b5ea8dc09
The V6 espresso machine leads the way in design and technology. Featuring extra large group heads which retain heat under extreme load, a programmable hot water dispenser with adjustable temperature, powerful heating element and automatic cleaning cycle to name just a few. Designed by Andre Ricard, the V6 range of espresso machines are the culmination of over 50 years development of espresso technology. The new range of V6 espresso machines are manufactured with a stainless steel housing and aluminium side panels, finished with a two-coat metallic paint.

£3500 +VAT

Visacrem V6 Grouptronic 3 Group Commercial Espresso Machine for sale
| Ref #: af01e417e9fd
We've only purchased the Zummo Z40 juicer in June for £4,000 +VAT and used it only 4/5 times, so the condition is really like new! It still has warranty on it and comes with manual. We are selling because our plans have changed and we don't need a citrus juicer anymore. But if you run a busy cafe, bar or produce anything with Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruits, Limes, this machine presses them all without allowing the juice to make contact with the fruit's skin!!!

£3000 +VAT ono

Commercial juicer for sale
| Ref #: 228e821cddb0
Unknown full working order - power comes on, lights up, one button damaged, not tested with water as it needs to be attached to the mains.
Everything tested other than water connection (and obviously making coffee/steaming due to no water connection). Powers up, lights up, been cleaned inside.
Collection only - inspect for yourself.

£350 VAT Free

Commercial coffee maker
| Ref #: 2a13b906e2e7
We buy catering equipment
This is a new drink and juice dispenser runs on single phase power, 500 watt spray and 350 watts stirring, capacity 18 litres per tank, temperature range 7-12c, Stainless steel Body.

£495 +VAT

New 18L-3 Cold drink and Juice Dispenser
| Ref #: 95d51dd57058
This unique counter, with its light and dark striped wood effect, will make a stunning addition for any establishment. The counter is very durable and features two wooden shelves to provide extra storage space; one visible from the front and one hidden at the back behind a glass front which is filled with cafetières.
The cafetières come complete with this counter as pictured.

£450 £425 +VAT

Cafetière Counter (Ref: RHC2418) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: c0d8f533954a

Faema E92 2 Group Coffee Machine

Price: £1700 £1150 VAT Free
Faema E92 2 Group Coffee Machine
Faema E92. 2 Group machine. This machine is the Rolls Royce of espresso machines.
Works great and is in excellent condition.
Quite happy to stick it on a pallet if you want to organise a courier!

£1700 £1150 VAT Free

Faema E92 2 Group Coffee Machine
| Ref #: 8430ee5a8b9f
Here we have another Astoria 1 Group Dual Fuel Machine for sale, which is has a new, extra tough white powder coat paint finish. These machines are perfect for small coffee carts, vans or any mobile catering set up which is lacking the space for a larger 2 group machine. As it is dual fuel the machine can be run either on LPG/Gas, electric or both combined. The electric can be run off a standard 13 amp plug. The machine has been set up and is ready to be connected and start working.

£1550 +VAT ono

1 group coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 9aca9631b91e
2 group
semi auto
fully refurbished with new parts
works great

£850 VAT Free

2 group espresso machine
| Ref #: 4bc8ce6dca33
This 2 group espresso coffee machine features two steam arms with one hot water tap, two keypads with level control and an in-built coffee grinder. It comes complete with automatic fill and built-in pump. This coffee machine is ideal for use in cafes, coffee houses and pubs.
Supplied with a coffee press.

£1395 +VAT

Stafco 2 Group Coffee Machine built in Grinder
| Ref #: f6e5311e9d65
This listing is for a amazing reconditioned cutomised Mazzer Super Jolly commercial coffee grinder. If it is a long lasting strong robust grinder you are looking for then the Mazzer Super Jolly is the grinder for you.
This grinder is in perfect condition. The grinder has been fully recondtioned, had the burrs replaced with new ones, a new doser lense installed and re-painted a gorgeous metallic blue.

£295 VAT Free

Reconditioned mazzer coffee grinder
| Ref #: 7adc0d44980c
Reconditioned Della Corte Evolution 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine.
This listing is for a delux outstanding reconditioned Della Corte Evolution Commercial Espresso Machine. This machine is one of the best on the market. This machine has multi-boilers which can be switched on and off to the users descretion, this helps to save power. This machine is guaranteed to keep the temperature of your coffee at stable levels consistanly producing quality espresso.

£1600 ono VAT Free

Reconditioned 2 group coffee machine
| Ref #: 0dc393adb1a8
This listing is for a quality reconditioned Mahlkonig on-demand commercial coffee grinder. In my experience this is one of the best grinders I have used. The Mahlkonig grinder consistanty performs and grinds to perfection every-time.
The Mahlkong is on-demand so all you have to do it place your portfilter against the button and the grinder grinds exactly what has been programmed into the portafilter, no messing. On-demand grinders can be a good investment, they are fast and easy to use, but most importantly of all there is much less waste. Use dose is exactly the same allowing you to serve consistantly good coffee.

£500 ono VAT Free

buy coffee grinder
| Ref #: 9ca7ca6f08e4
Reconditioned Visacrem Nera 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine.
This listing is for a gorgeous stylish reconditioned Visacrem Nera Commercial espresso machine. This machine is a strong workhorse and built to last. Not only that but it also looks great too.

£1195 VAT Free

2 group coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: b5999d583ef9
Reconditioned San Remo Capri 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine.
This listing is for a beautiful elegant reconditioned San Remo Capri Commercial espresso machine. A small solution for almost any situation. With this high tech technology and great design you can be safe to know this machine will produce quality coffee every time.

£1195 ono VAT Free

2 group coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 43f81ffe63d5
This Bezzera capsule coffee machine is a quality two group coffee maker, ideal for use in cafes, coffee houses and pubs, featuring a left steam arm, one hot water outlet and a pressure gauge.

£1095 +VAT

Capsule Coffee Machine
| Ref #: f6d02623c79b
Bravilor Bonamat Automatic coffee machine, barely used, 9 different drink options at the touch of a button plus hot water tap, refill using dry instant ingredients of your choice , capable to make coffee, cafe cream, coffee with milk, cappuccino, expresso, double expresso, moccachino and hot chocolates
This machine is ideal for busy establishment, finished in mysterious grey and Power type 13amp
Costed new £1495
Quick sale price £550

£550 VAT Free

Coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 29d52fe56dd4
The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia, is the World Barista Championship coffee machine from 2009 - 2011.
If you're looking for a serious coffee machine that can produce the very best coffee then you should only be looking at Nuova Simonelli or La Marzocco - these are the best machines around.

£1400 ono VAT Free

Used 3 group coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 5229ebcabda8
This Faema 2 group coffee machine features two steam wands and one hot water wand. There are easy-to-use slider controls for the hot water tap and steam wands.
This coffee machine has a strong, robust bodywork with a stainless steel frame and has an electronically controlled boiler water level.

£1195 +VAT

Faema 2 Group Coffee Machine (Ref: RHC2015) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 9d9a05f16aef
Simonelli 2 group fully automatic
Fully automatic 2 group
Steam pull down leaver
Hot water valve

£1599 +VAT

2 group coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 589261175e02
Wega 2 group fully automatic coffee machine

Italian coffee achine
Wega coffee machine is one of the best on the market !!

£1599 +VAT

Used coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 5e0704f6376b
immaculate condition
Twelve drinks – Whatever you want to offer, the HLF 3600 can provide. Two internal canisters allow for additional items such as hot chocolate and decaffeinated options to be offered.
Intuitive display – With an LCD screen and an easy to operate touchpad it is an ideal machine to be used by both staff and customers alike.

£1100 +VAT ono

Bean to cup coffee machine for sale
| Ref #: 090a595edbd4

Jura Giga X3 Pro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Redruth

Price: £1800 £1250 including VAT
bean to cup coffee machine
This is one of the best, Swiss made, bean to cup coffee machines on the market. Fully programmable for every drink or set to default - your choice. New in 2016, it is in extremely good condition inside and out. Comes complete with Stafcool 4 Ltr milk fridge. Current cheapest new price on the web for the 2 items is £5k + VAT. Photos available.

£1800 £1250 including VAT

bean to cup coffee machine
| Ref #: 7f10bb0d55ad
With a large 15 litre capacity, stylish design and impressive performance, the Caterlite Coffee Percolator is the perfect solution for small scale, light duty catering such as retail outlets, mobile catering, staff rooms or home use. With twin-walled stainless steel construction, the Caterlite coffee urn is easy to clean and offers excellent insulation to save running costs. In addition, once ready, the percolator keeps the coffee at a constant, ready-to-serve temperature ensuring a perfect, delicious coffee every time.

£65 +VAT

Ex Demo Caterlite F132 Coffee Maker (5788) - Bridgwater, Somerset
| Ref #: 2a88aa1ef2c2
Quickly and easily extracts pulp-free juice from vegetables, fruits and even herbs, the Waring Juicer is exceptionally efficient, offers a great performance and is highly reliable. It features easy to dismantle, dishwasher safe parts and a wipe clean BPA free casing. Its patented "gryo base" practically eliminates vibration during use whilst its innovative design allows a greater yield in terms of amount of juice extracted from each fruit. Due to its size and design, the Juice Extractor is not suitable for a high volume of juicing. Citrus attachment (DL269 - sold separately) must be used for citrus juicing.

£260 +VAT

Citrus juicer
| Ref #: ed358720d34d
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