Item description
Dudson crockery seconds

We are a Dudson dealer in London ,

Warehouse clearance , i have attached price list for these products they are Dudson seconds crockery Jacobean

Not used ****

There is approx 5,000 pc factory list value £35,982.03

This a parcel buy the lot as parcel £5k

Dudson Jacobean

Teasaucer Jacobean440£1,746.80
Plate 6 7/8" 17.3cm Jacobean360£1,976.40
Plate Banq 6 3/8" 16.2cm Jac600£2,844.00
Plate 8 3/8" 21.6cm Jacobean2200£16,214.00
Plate Banq 9" 22.9cm Jac100£783.00
Plate Banq 9.1/2" 22.9cm Jac100£783.00
Plate Banq 10" 25.4cm Jac350£3,290.00
Plate 10 7/8" 27.3cm Jacobean65£843.05
Plate Banq 10 5/8" 27cm Jac130£1,469.00
Plate Banq 11.1/4"" 27cm Jac40£452.00
Plate 12" 30.5cm Jacobean110£2,746.70
Soup Banq 8 7/8" 22.5cm Jac24£210.48
Oatmeal Banq 6½" 16.5cm Jac400£2,416.00
Fruit Banq 5 3/8" 13.7cm Jac15£51.90
Fruit Banq 4 3/8" 13.7cm Jac45£155.70
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